Our Mission

Being Disciples, Making Disciples, and Growing Disciples of Jesus Christ.

"Nothing is so joyous in our life as the thanksgiving that we experience in the Church. In the Church, the joyful sustain their joy. In the Church, those worried acquire merriment, and those saddened, joy. In the Church, the troubled find relief, and the heavy-laiden, rest." - St. John Chrysostom

I'm new here

If you’re just peeking in on us for the first time, welcome! We hope you’ll feel at home with our Saint Basil Church family! You probably have lots of questions about us. We can begin helping you with those questions here.

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Meet Our Priest

Father Gabriel-Allan Boyd is the presiding priest and pastor of Saint Basil Church. Offering a distinctive array of experience and skills, he uses every possible means to guide us toward a daily experience of Christ.

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The cure for the unraveling of American culture is authentic community. Here at St. Basil Church, we know that community, fellowship and family grows best in unity with Christ... fed by the fullness of the Orthodox Tradition.

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