why do we Orthodox believe what we believe and do what we do?

Deepen your roots, branch out in your faith, and experience the delicious fruit of a spiritual awakening from The "WHYs of Orthodox Christianity" Class.  Each week's adventure is a discovery of WHY we Orthodox Christians believe what we believe...and WHY we do the things we do.  The scope of this stirring journey takes us from an introduction to the inside of the Church and WHY the architecture and icons are arranged the way they are...to an introduction to God as Trinity and WHY that is so significant for us...to an understanding of Sacrament and WHY the sacramental life of the Church is so life-giving...to an exploration of the Divine Liturgy and the services and prayers that surround it—all of this helping us to understand our role, as ones whose ministry is lovingly reconciling God's creation to Him (2 Corinthians 5:14-21).  

B&W to Technicolor Church.jpg

One sweet, 93 year old, Greek lady (who had been a Greek Orthodox Christian her entire life) joyously remarked, "Because I've taken these WHYs of Orthodox Christianity classes for three years now, it's as though I have a whole new Faith.  What once seemed just black and white—has now transformed into technicolor."  

Class is generally held every Wednesday from 7-8PM.  *Because this class goes on periodic breaks, check with our Calendar of Upcoming Events to make sure that class is being held on the night you wish to attend.*