1. We worship primarily in English. 
About 99% of our Divine Liturgy and other services at Saint Basil Church are done in the one language that this diverse group holds in common.  Just as the early Church worshiped and taught in the common language of their day, the people of this parish also value an understanding of the words, from the Eternal Word, so that we may continue to mature into our
Lord's likeness. 

2. Fellowship at Saint Basil is primarily concerned with being *Christ-Centered Fellowship*.
Parishes are well known for having lots of activities in the name of “fellowship,” but often the fellowship found there is not any different than the fellowship that you could find if you belonged to a softball team, or merely went to the corner bar.  At Saint Basil Church, we strive to make sure that our fellowship activities are primarily Christ-Centered, *Seeking To Grow In Him* through our relationships...as that is the only thing, in the end, that will bring Life to our community.

3. We are a Mission-Minded parish.
For many years now, our parish has been well-known for its mission work, focusing primarily on foreign mission and outreach.  That vision is expanding now (after the example of our patron saint, Basil) to also include a focus on domestic mission and outreach. Thus, we seek to develop a meaningful relationship between our parish and the surrounding Almaden Valley and Santa Clara County community, offering tangible acts of love and Christ's Good News to those who are struggling nearby.  Those who belong to this parish are interested in the following mission:  BEING Disciples, MAKING Disciples, and GROWING Disciples of Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because this is what our Lord calls us to do and to be.

4. We are a Family-Oriented parish.
As adopted children of God, and as participants in the Love offered through the Triune Family—Father, Son & Holy Spirit—we work together to build-up each other in unity with God's loving will for our lives. As such, we also care deeply about helping families grow together to bear witness by their lives to the self-offering, self-sacrificial love of Christ, encouraging one another to live lovingly as cross-bearers, for the sake of each other and together for the sake of the world.

I cannot convince myself that without mutual love and without peace with all people, in as far as it is within my capabilities, I can call myself a worthy servant of Jesus Christ.
— St. Basil the Great