If you’re new here at Saint Basil Church; it’s a safe bet that you’re brimming over with questions. Congratulations, you’ve found the right place!  Sometimes people’s first question is, “What if I'm  not Greek? Perhaps you’re wondering. “What does Orthodox Christian worship look like?…or, “What might be expected of me in worship?”…or “What’s unique about Saint Basil Church? A few people come here on an adventure, simply trying to discover What is Orthodox Christianity?  If you have kids, you could be wondering, Where can I do a diaper change?…or, Where is the Cry Room?”…or “How do I get my child into Sunday School?”  Of course, if you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can always call the Church Office (408-268-3214) on Tuesday through Thursday from 9AM to 1PM…or you can email Father Boyd at FrBoyd.StBasil@gmail.com.


The Saint Basil Experience

Learn more about our church community, our diversity and what it's like to worship with us.

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what is orthodox christianity?

Never heard of the Orthodox Christian Church?  Here's just a little introduction.

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Where Is the
cry room?

Young children are a regular part of Orthodox Christian worship. The Cry Room is here to help facilitate that.


Orthodox worship for newbies

A simple guide that will help the uninitiated navigate their first visit to an Orthodox Church.