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Fathers of the 1st Council

In 315, Arius, a priest from the Church in Alexandria, began to blaspheme against the Son and Word of God, saying that Jesus is not truly God (not of the same essence as the Father), but rather that He was a created being, and that there was a time when He didn't exist. His teachings shook the beliefs of many faithful. His Archbishop, Alexander, tried several times in vain to correct him, eventually even cutting him off from communion. Yet Arius would not accept correction from his bishop and continued spreading his poisonous heretical teachings, causing a great deal of turmoil throughout the the entire Church. Therefore, the first Christian Emperor, Saint Constantine the Great, summoned the renowned First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea. The shepherds and teachers of the Church of Christ gathered from all regions in the year 325. All of them, with one mouth and one voice, declared that the Son and Word of God is one in essence with the Father, true God of true God. 

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